Company Values

Company Values

Ecosphere, as a MCS qualified & Green Deal Installer of renewable energy solutions, are committed to creating a sustainable future for future generations by leading the way in Solar Power Technologies & Heat Pumps.

The values our company adheres to are outlined in brief below:


We understand that our staff, are the most valuable asset to the company, all staff are fully trained. Many of our installers come to us straight from school and go through college whilst in their apprenticeship and some have gone on to work for us for over 15 years. We welcome all suggestions and new idea’s from our team. We ensure that all staff in the office or out on site work in the most safe and effective environment.


We are committed to giving the best possible service to our clients by managing all of our solar power projects fully from day one to completion.  As we are a relatively small company you can always call and speak to someone and be assured that they will know every detail of your project and be willing to help in any way they can. We measure our success on the success of our clients and are always on hand to advise them on emerging solar power technologies and solutions.


Ecosphere are honest with our employees and clients alike, we base our success on our integrity and are transparent in everything we do.  Due to the ever changing nature of solar power technologies we do everything we can to stay one step ahead and keep our clients informed of any industry changes and advancements.


We strive to ensure good results in everything we do.  By project managing every tiny detail of our projects, from installation right through to administration.


When we commit to a project you can expect us to be there for you, always on time and ready to help.


Ecosphere are always looking for creative, new and improved ways to provide our expertise in all dimensions of our business. Creativity, exploration and imagination are our key approaches to work. We strive to keep up to date on new and emerging technologies so that we can keep our customers informed of any advancement in the industry.


We continue to reinvest in our company and our staff to ensure strong year on year growth.