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Useful Links

At Ecosphere we are passionate about helping the UK to be a greener country for our future generations.  We have put together a list of useful resources that are aimed at helping you make your home or business as green as possible through renewable energy solutions and sustainable development.

Energy Savings Trust
The Energy Savings Trust promotes efficient use of all forms of energy in the UK, their aim is for a overall reduction in energy consumption to promote a healthier environment.

Their website although not very pretty! is an excellent resource for both domestic and business alike and offers useful downloads on Feed In Tariffs.

For further information on ‘energy efficiency’ (an initiative by the Energy Saving Trust) call 020 7 222 0101

Renewable Heat Incentive

The government have just announced the launch of the world’s first Renewable Heat Incentive to encourage the uptake of renewable heat generating technologies. From October 2012 there will be a tariff for all solar hot water systems installed since July 2009.

Ecosphere are currently awaiting details from the government about the rates for domestic installations, as well as the RHI Premium Payment scheme that will provide funding to help cover the installation cost of your system until the full RHI tariff comes in.

For more details take a look at the Department of Energy and Climate Change website

A useful site found by some very industrious children in New Jersey America! Well done guys i’m glad that you found our site useful for your project and that you are taking an interest in Green Energy

Good Luck with your project i’m sure you will pass with flying colours!!

Ecosphere Team