Abby Hussain

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Abby is Managing Director of Ecosphere and CBE combined and will be implementing the strategy for the companies going forward. Abby has vast experience of working with local authorities and Housing associations and has won a National award for his work with low income fuel poor families in the Wealden District.
He began work as a Project Manager for Asda Stores in Leeds and where he was responsible for new store builds, helping build sustainable stores and lowering costs through sustainable practice.
Moving on from this he studied and became an Energy officer for Wealden District Council making them the lead Green authority in East Sussex.
Leaving Wealden he then worked s a Sustainability Manager for a large procurement organisation looking after 22 council and housing association members. He became their eyes and ears in the world of sustainability.

Since leaving that role he now works toward bringing new developments to Ecosphere.

His off work time is taken up with Golf and his canine friends. He is also a fully trained Indian chef.

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