Ecosphere have extensive experience in large scale commercial solar having installed over 3 MW of Solar PV in the last year. With our in-house energy assessors we can help commercial businesses to audit their premises and target where their energy is being used most intensively.

We can advise on the correct technology to reduce these costs whether it is electricity or heating usage. We offer advice on a combination of measures to provide the best carbon savings and payback and our ongoing monitoring and maintenance packages ensure optimal savings and returns.

Solar PV can benefit a wide range of businesses including manufacturing who have intensive electricity usage.

We can offer funding that means no capital investment and means that your company is cash positive from day one.

Reduce your carbon footprint and create new opportunities

All companies are under extreme pressure from the Government to reduce their carbon footprint. This is making everyone not just look at their own activities, but also those of others in the supplychain to give claim in taking a positive course of action to saving the environment.

It’s therefore not uncommon for those at the opposite end of the supplychain – wholesalers and retailers – to look at the actions of manufactures and logistic companies to warrant turning their business to alternative companies with greener credentials.

This aside, with manufacturing companies responsible for a huge slice of the UK’s energy consumption, improving your own CSR in general by investing in energy technology is a credible step to help saving the environment.

Ecosphere are completely unique in the fact they have in house PR we can help you to gt your project off the ground and post install we can hep you really get the most out of the PR benefits of ‘going green’.

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