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Upfront capital costs can be the biggest barrier preventing energy efficiency projects such as Solar PV, Heat Pumps or LED lighting upgrades from getting off of the ground.

At Ecosphere we can help you find the right funding solution for your needs with no upfront capital costs. Unlike other solutions that offer renewable technologies with no upfront costs such as power purchase agreements (PPAs) or shared savings models, our funding solutions are designed to ensure you, the client, retains the full benefits of government subsidies such as the Feed In Tariff (FiT), the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the energy savings of a project.

These unique models allow you to bring forward planned upgrades or accelerate programs of upgrades.   Our goal is to reduce fuel poverty, reduce carbon emissions, further the education of disadvantaged children and save you money.


Ecosphere supports a number of education based social enterprise funds.  These LIS funds invest in projects that further the educational outcomes of disadvantaged children. Whereby, the profits from a project i.e. the savings and (FIT) or (RHI) combined are spent on improvements that include, lighting upgrades, extra special needs teaching staff or sponsorship of youths.

Ecosphere and our funding partners are working together on over 100 Schools and Academies installing Solar PV and upgrading to LED lighting.

We can also tailor funding models for specific projects such as Eco Pod classrooms, boiler and heating system replacement.

The fund is not for profit and ensures the school, academy or hospital retains the full benefits of any renewable technology installed.  The installation is at no upfront capital cost and produces a cash positive return from day 1.


As part of our expansion in 2017 Ecosphere are focusing on trying to alleviate Child Fuel Poverty in the UK specifically concentrating on the Social Housing Sector and combating high heating costs.

In order to support this we have been working with a group of funders to setup an investment fund for Solar PV, Heat Pumps, LED, Biomass and other technologies with preferential rates and extended warranties.

The Fund is designed to support:

  • Housing Associations
  • Charities that support a positive impact on child fuel poverty
  • Local Authorities

Our aim in 2017 is to engage with more Social Housing providers and help them tackle the problem of child fuel poverty from the inside upwards.   We can help you make your projects a reality now and work with you to create a program of upgrades such as air source heat pump upgrades to off gas properties.


We also offer commercial funding of various terms with preferential rates.   If you have an energy efficiency project but don’t have the capital budget please contact us to see how we can help.

Please call our team on 01825 880603 or email to discuss the range of options available to your business and  receive some example project financials.









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