NHS & Private Healthcare Hospitals have some of the highest rates of electricity consumption of any sector.  A Solar PV system will provide a chunk of much needed energy that will reduce your costs and your C02 emissions at the same time.  There are so many complex machines running off the elecricity supply 24hrs a day, that usage is very high.

Our unique Social Enterprise Fund is now available to the healthcare sector meaning that you can install Solar PV, Heat Pump Technolgy and LED Lighting at no upfront cost. You benefit from all savings and the Gov (Feed In Tariff) giving you an extra revenue stream to reinvest in to the hospital.

These projects are cash positive from day one and do not require any capital expenditure. We can guarentee that we can save you thousands of pounds annually in electricity costs this can easily run into hundreds of thousand pounds if you look at multiple sites.

We have extensive experience in working on both hospitals and social care buildings, we are compassionate about the care of your clients and the respect for noise levels and Health & Safety is paramount to Ecosphere.

As Solar PV and LED technology compliment each other so well, even bigger savings can be made if you combine the two.

Please view our recent video of the Solar PV installation at Nuffield Health Hospital.

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