There are many legal requirements that apply to the construction sector surrounding renewable energy, such as PART L (of the building regulations) that demand a new build to be self-sufficient for a minimum of 10% of the consumed electricity onsite.

Installing Solar PV or Heat Pump Technology on new built sites can help the building pass code this can be done by having the Solar PV integrated into the design or retrofitted to the roof post build.  We have a team of in-house designers that have all of the expertise required to advise you of what technologies will benefit your project.

Ecosphere work with numerous construction and building companies to help them install renewables and meet site specific requirements.

For construction projects within Greater London, the recently updated ‘London Plan’ takes this further and demands that all new buildings generate a minimum of 15% of electricity demand onsite from renewable technology.

Although the BREEAM assessment isn’t a legal requirement, your building’s score can be greatly increased in many of the energy categories with the integration of a solar PV system. Collectively, these credits will have a huge impact on the overall score.

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