LED Lighting

Our lighting division specialises in the upgrade of lighting systems for a wide range of businesses and organisations including schools, hospitals, retail stores, banks and manufacturing sites.

Combining LED Lighting upgrades with Solar PV can dramatically reduce running costs both of these technologies can be fully funded through Ecosphere Renewables.

Benefits of upgrading your lighting:

  • Save up to 75% on energy consumption and save on maintenance costs
  • Improve working and learning environments
  • We offer a range of low cost finance options so projects don’t impact on your capital budgets – Gain a positive cash flow from day one freeing up budgets for use elsewhere
  • Professional audits with full savings, paybacks and lighting plans. Designs comply with CIBSE guidelines.

We can provide lighting solutions that deliver significant improvements to the lighting provision whilst still providing cost savings to our clients of up to 75%.

Through many projects over the years, we have built a reputation for providing energy efficient solutions LED Lighting and Control Solutions across schools,the public sector and commercial enterprises.

We have the experience and capability to deliver significant energy savings and improved energy management to our clients and offer a range of financing solutions.

We have a number of strategic partnerships with lighting manufacturers and can offer solutions for all budgets and requirements from energy saving projects to complex lighting designs.

The effective installation of energy saving LED lights is not simply a bulb or tube replacement process. In some cases the number of light fittings can be reduced, whilst still providing an improved environment. In other cases the layout or design of the new installation can provide a considerably enhanced environment.

The use of motion or occupancy systems can both reduce costs and dramatically prolong the life of the lighting units.

We can deliver detailed, multi-site, nationwide survey solutions, tailored to our clients’ needs. This is of particular benefit to organisations faced with restricted access, limited timescales or limited resource issues.

Once a site has been surveyed we offer detailed lighting designs and payback models and finance options. SALIX funding or bespoke operating and finance leases.  We also have access to a unique DfE approved social enterprise fund. Out solutions offer immediate cash saings with zero capital outlay.

Please book  a free energy audit of your property portfolio. This is a no obligation audit.