Benefits of Solar PV

Ecosphere have put together a quick list of the top reasons that businesses can benefit from a solar panel installation.

  • Control Rising Energy Rates
    By investing in solar energy, you can dramatically reduce your electric bill for at least the next 2o years.
  • Financial Incentives
    Ecosphere have a new range of finance funding options which means that our clients get to benefit from the feed-in tariffs as well as the savings made from electricity.
  • Reduce CO² Emmissions
    Cut your emissions, improve corporate social responsibility and meet your sustainability targets.
  • Marketing Your Green Initiatives
    By showing your customers you care about the environment by using renewable energy, and are willing to invest in our future you will attract more business. Also, involving your own employees in a solar energy efficiency project can bring a positive energy to the business.
  • High Reliability & Low Maintenance
    Solar PV systems have no moving parts and require minimal maintenance. The primary maintenance task is just keeping the panels clean! The solar PV modules are extremely reliable and they have warranties of 20 years, and should keep working beyond that as long as the sun is shining!

Solar Installation a sound investment….

Electricity rates historically rise – they could double in ten years. The sun, however, never sends you a bill. That means ten years from now, the solar energy you are collecting from your solar installation on your home or business will still be free, while the cost of electricity from your utility will have most likely doubled in price taking in to account the year on year rises in energy prices. The amount of money saved with a solar panel installation varies based on your electricity usage and the solar resource available to you.

Whether you consume self-generated electricity directly on site or feed into the public grid, you will receive payment. Your solar power system thus becomes a ‘roof savings book’.

By producing ‘clean’ energy you are providing a better future for future generations.

Your contribution to climate protection

Fossil fuel reserves are coming to an end. The CO2 produced while generating power from such sources damages the climate. Environmental and resource conservation should be part of school programmes to develop both theoretical and practical knowledge. Electricity from the sun is one of the core elements in future energy supply. Free energy from the most powerful source of energy is sufficient to cover global requirements 3,000 times over.

The sun is the resource of the 21st century.

Scarcity of resources, environmental degradation and damage to the environment are the most obvious disadvantages of oil, gas and coal. Moreover, fossil fuels, fossil fuel power stations and centralised power grids also make our society dependent on large corporations and undemocratic regimes. Such gigantic infrastructures are also far too expensive for developing countries, whatever happens. Renewable energies are thus the only way to guarantee an ecological, just energy supply in the future. Nuclear power does not provide an alternative either, as it is not only extremely hazardous, but is also actually a very expensive, finite resource which is by no means climate friendly. It is completely logical to use the sun as a infinite power source.

The advantages of solar energy are self-evident

Sun and sand, the raw materials used to generate solar electricity, are inexhaustible. Electricity produced on rooftops will soon be cheaper than conventional electricity from a socket in the wall. Solar energy is thus well on its way to becoming the key technology for renewed economic growth and is comparable to the steam engine, the car or computer in former times.

There are no drawbacks to solar energy

Solar energy does not depend on electricity grids and fuels. It is the ideal source for a largely private, local, ecological and just electricity supply which is available anywhere. Ecosphere are committed to leading the UK in the quest for a sustainable future.

A few amazing Solar Facts

  • The sun will continue to shine for another 4 billion years and supply free solar energy in the process.
  • The amount of solar energy which reaches the earth exceeds daily requirements 3,000 times over.
  • The sun does not produce CO2 and thus preserves the environment on two levels.
  • A solar power system allows you to become self-sufficient and not be exposed to ever-increasing energy costs.
  • Solar electricity is the only energy which can be produced on a local basis worldwide.
  • As long transportation distances are not required, energy waste is minimised and considerable savings are made on costs.
  • The sun does not depend on large corporations and undemocratic regimes.
  • Solar power is harmless.