Your Energy – Portland House, Worthing

The PV installation for Adur & Worthing Council, performed between March and April of 2017, was a part of the council’s policy to reduce their carbon footprint. Ecosphere completed the install in partnership with Carillion and Your Energy Sussex; we were responsible for the sourcing materials, design, management and the install itself.  The 151 Trina 265W panels installed were mounted in portrait on a slate roof using the Schletter slate roof mounting system. The panels were connected to two Solis 20 kW inverters which were fed into a distribution board via isolators and then connected to the grid.

The production of the PV-system, at times, was projected to exceed the consumption on site, which meant that electricity produced onsite could be fed back into the grid, benefitting the council financially. The financial savings are illustrated on the right hand side, where ‘estimated annual benefit’ is the feed-in tariff (FIT) and the savings are simply the reduction in electricity costs. As is displayed, there is substantial long term financial benefit to installing the panels over the lifetime of the system (20 years). This figure takes account of the cost of the install and system itself. The lifetime savings are in fact a conservative estimate as the electricity costs considered in our model are those at the time of the install, they are likely to rise by as much as 40% by 2020 alone.

  • Location: Portland House
  • System Size: 40.04 kWp
  • Property Type: Council Building
  • Panel Model: Trina 265 W
  • Inverter Model: Solis
  • Annual Output: 39,257 kWh per annum
  • Annual CO2 Savings: 20,767 kg
  • Annual Energy Savings Units: 28,028 kWh
  • Estimated Annual Benefit (£): 1,641
  • Estimated Annual Savings (£): 3,298
  • Estimated Annual Total Savings (£): 4,939
  • Estimated Benefit Over Lifetime (£): 146,121

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