The University of Brighton – LED Upgrade

The University of Brighton are committed to operating more sustainably and reducing its carbon footprint.  To this end, it has developed a list of projects focussed on reducing emissions and energy consumption across the University estate. Amongst these projects, we were asked to submit a tender to install new efficient lighting. We won the tender based on quality and pricing. The upgrade of the lighting at the Aldrich library building was deemed a high priority due to the large savings that could be achieved.

The Aldrich library is located on the Moulsecoomb campus in Brighton and used extensively throughout the year and, at its busiest times, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  As a result of this there is almost a constant demand for lighting.

The existing fluorescent lighting was not only inefficient compared to modern LED alternatives, but it was also showing signs of aging and was proving challenging to maintain.  The proposal was to replace the existing bookshelf lighting with new Zumtobel LED fittings and emergency lamps.  This was designed to significantly reduce operating costs and carbon emissions and also improve the library’s bookshelf light quality.

The existing bookshelf lighting was fitted across 3 floors in the library, with around 375 tubes installed the majority of which were 70W T8 tubes.

We installed 330 27 watt Zumtobel Tecton LED lights along with 63 LED emergency safety Lights with each lighting row was controlled by a PIR.

The outcome of this is much better lighting and increased comfort for the students and faculty and 60% savings on energy consumption.


  • Manafacturer: Zumtobel Tecton LED
  • Annual Energy Savings Units: 180,000 KWhs
  • Estimated Annual Total Savings (£): Over £30,000
  • Estimated Benefit Over Lifetime (£): Over £250,000

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