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Innovative funding for Academies & Schools.

Ecosphere Renewables have a new Innovative funding resource to devote to educating disadvantaged children.

It is a ‘Social Enterprise Fund’ which minimises the cost of funding for energy saving technologies, such as Solar PV, Heat Pumps and LED lighting.

It’s designed to generate surpluses from day one to be reinvested in educating disadvantaged children.

There are no capital costs to the schools/academies and the lease repayments are made from the savings and Gov benefits combined, there will always be a surplus after the lease payments are covered to spend on educating disadvantaged children.

Backed by a social enterprise financial institution whose aim is further the education of disadvantaged children by not generating a profit.

Ecosphere are already providing finance for installing solar panels and LED lighting in major academy groups (MAT’S) across the country.

Please view our case studies here

The enterprise is led by an experienced team with backgrounds in banking, investment, green energy and project finance in social and private sectors.

There is a network of approved installers to provide national coverage of which Ecosphere Renewables are one.

The fund is DFE (Department for Education) approved as an operating lease, an appropriate funding method for schools and also accredited by Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to offer low cost finance.

The Benefits:

  • Fund gifts the electricity to the school
  • Fund gifts the surplus of Feed In Tariff and export tariff over lease payments
  • Total Benefit (profit) over 20 years £145,000 after lease payments
  • Annual Surplus in year 1 £1,700
  • Offers 13 year money at a fixed rate of 4%
  • Delivers greater savings overall and generates surplus cash from day 1.

All profits generated must be spent on improving the lives of disadvantaged children as part of the Social Mission of the fund.

How we do it?

  • Our funders are not-for-profit so the cost of capital is significantly lower than for-profit companies. They charge a fixed interest rate of 4% over 13 years
  • The aim is to educate disadvantaged children
  • We have the buy-in of manufacturers so are able to negotiate lower prices and longer warranties
  • Surpluses are generated from day one

The Next Step?

  • Speak to one of our team who will explain the model further and assess if you qualify.
  • Arrange for an audit of your school(s) from one of our renewable experts or by using our online forms.

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